Loving And Supporting Our Children

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The 2019 Children’s Fair was an enjoyable and fruitful conference for the attendees. Aside from the different activities, there were also inspirational talks given by experts concerning dealing with children.

One of the topics being discussed by experts was about raising children. It may be one of the most rewarding things in life, but we can also say that it’s also among the hardest that parents and guardians go through. But one thing that simplifies this burden would be nurturing the interaction between children and parents. Parents or guardians should make it a point to talk and be with their children, especially at a young age. Do not just be present when it’s time to give them baths, or when it’s feeding time or when changing nappies. Taking time out of your busy world to bond with them can play a significant impact to their self-fulfillment as they grow older. Through this bonding time, experts say that this can develop their selves and to learn more about themselves.

Source: pexels.com

It is also essential to take note that negative remarks at a very young age may not be beneficial to children. Instead, you can praise them if you catch them in their positive behavior, and it will surely help them when they start relating with others aside from family. As the speakers emphasized, “presence” is much more critical than “presents.” It can be observed nowadays at that time with our children is really of the essence. Giving them gifts once in a while is not bad, but exchanging time with material gifts may not be a good option, though. There should be a balance with both. It may not be that easy, especially for working parents, but you can try to manage your time since you now have a family to survive.

One tip that may help you raise a child would be to limit saying no. Try to teach and encourage them to do good and positive behavior than by criticizing them when they do wrong. Of course, you should also set your limit because you really can’t expect your child to behave correctly according to your standard. Always remember that each child is unique, and no two children, even twins, are alike.

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